Hello and welcome to my little website!

Thank you for visiting. There is nothing spectacular to see here really. I host some of my projects here as well as various other bits and bobs!

Me? I code mainly in Java, however, I have been known to dabble in C++, C#, Visual Basic, Python, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery.

My main project at the moment is a Java-based Operating System for the Raspberry Pi. It's called TeacupOS and you can find it by clicking on the corrosponding link to the left. If you are feeling lazy you can always click here.

I also code Bukkit Plugins upon request. My main two projects are CommandsEX and SimpleAnnouncer. You can find more information about them over at the Bukkit tab.

If you would like me to code anything for you then feel free to email me at 1mil...@gmail.com.

Where to find me...

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At the moment I am working on three plugins and one plugin/library/thing.

SimpleAnnouncer | 10,000+ Downloads

My first ever plugin! All that I had in mind when I was creating SimpleAnnouncer was how irritating some announcer plugins are. SimpleAnnouncer's goal is to make announcing simple. And I am pleased to say it has succeeded.

CommandsEX | 30,000+ Downloads

CommandsEX was the first plugin I have worked on with a group of people. CommandsEX isn't another Essentials. It is a whole different build of plugin. Fed up of some commands? CommandsEX allows you to choose what features you want via our builder. We are currently working on an exciting recode! Watch this space!

HarryPotterSpells | 2,000+ Downloads

This is an ambitious attempt to recreate the world of Harry Potter in Minecraft. Developement has sparked up again and the project has enjoyed great feedback! However, we are in desparate need of developers so please contact me if you want to help out.

lonelylib | Coming Soon...

Who needs friends while playing Minecraft? This library is coming soon for you all to enjoy.

You can find all of the plugins I contribute to here.

TeacupOS | A Java-based Operating System for the Raspberry Pi

TeacupOS is an ambitious project to create the worlds first Java-based Operating System for the Raspberry Pi. As you can imagine, development of the project is taking it's time. Add onto that the fact that I am one of two people coding for TeacupOS and you'll see how long it'll take. If you want to help out I'd be very happy to accept!

You can find out more information on our very work-in-progress website.


The town of Ongar is lacking a much wanted secondary school. A group of parents got together and started the School4Ongar campaign. This website is this campaign's link to the digital world.

Venture Services London Ltd.

A multi-disciplinary consultancy practice based in London. They specialise in the area of property management and maximising the value of land-based assets.

The Ongar Academy

Final website in the campain to get a secondary school in Ongar. Website coming soon...

Kezz's IRC bouncer | For people who always want to stay online

I've got an IRC bouncer! And I let anyone use it. If you need an IRC bouncer then just fill out the form below. I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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